The Gospel of Goddard:

Ninth Visit

Drew Goddard says:
(Fri Nov 22 02:51:27 2002) []

Okay, I can't stay and talk, so don't get all "Praise Jesus! He is here to speak with us!" on me, but does anyone here know the best way to get Lord of the Rings tickets in Los Angeles tomorrow?

Drew Goddard says:
(Fri Nov 22 03:04:08 2002) []

Hey, if I wanted a bunch of smartass remarks, I would've asked Doug Petrie a question.

Oh -- while I'm here... Dachelle and my Minions -- I just got your card yesterday (mail takes quite a while to get to us.) I can't believe how thoughtful you all are. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It's now hanging on my wall next to the giant red sign that says "Murderer!" (I found that sign on my desk the day Danny Strong started work on Episode 7. I'm not saying he put it there, but... okay, I am saying he put it there.)

Drew Goddard says:
(Fri Nov 22 03:12:28 2002) []

God Bless Allyson for giving me a straight answer. Allyson, the problem is moviefone only seems to be selling tickets for one theater in Los Angeles, and it's a crappy theater.

Don't you guys know stuff like this? I mean, tickets are going onsale tomorrow across the nation for opening day of Lord of the Rings. I can't believe you're just hearing about this now from me. Isn't there some website that can help us out?

Drew Goddard says:
(Fri Nov 22 03:18:29 2002) []

Allyson, I'm thinking Mann's Chinese is the only way to go for something like this. I mean, opening day, you gotta be there with the people.

Drew Goddard says:
(Fri Nov 22 03:37:46 2002) []

Okay, I got it figured out. Allyson, I can see why Fury likes you so much. You get results. Where did you see me?

You guys know what's cool about this job? Trying to track down opening day tickets to Lord of the Rings counts as "work."

Also, on your first day they give you keys to this closet filled with coke and hookers, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to talk about that...

Drew Goddard says:
(Fri Nov 22 03:49:57 2002) []

eirefaerie -- this is a family board. How can you say such... oh wait. I brought it up, didn't I?

Bad Drew. We hereby sentence you to a lifetime of UPN Promos.

Drew Goddard says:
(Fri Nov 22 03:58:22 2002) []

Hey Dachelle, were you part of that mock trial thing at UT a few weeks ago that Pepperdine won?

Drew Goddard says:
(Fri Nov 22 04:08:43 2002) []

Okay gang, gotta go. I'll be back for a more official visit in the near future. Thanks for your help.

Ultimate Drew


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