Ultimate Drew's Doings

"I get to hang out with the cast of Buffy. And occasionally make jokes about Montessori that nobody gets. And there's always lots of food there. And sometimes there are goats there, and sometimes there are pigs there, and sometimes Abe Benrubi runs around and people yell troll at the top of their lungs. What more could a boy ask for?"

- Our Leader at the Bronze: Beta, Oct. 31, 2002

Buffy Episodes:

"Selfless"  (7.05)  - Aired Oct. 22, 2002.  Directed by David Solomon.

"Conversations with Dead People" (7.07)  - Aired Nov. 12, 2002.  Co-written by Jane Espenson and directed by Nick Marck.  

  • Won SyFy Portal Genre Award for Best Episode/Television.
  • Won Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation/Short Form.

"Never Leave Me" (7.09) - Aired Nov. 26, 2002.  Directed by David Solomon.  

"Lies My Parents Told Me" (7.17) - Aired Mar. 25, 2003. Co-written and directed by David Fury

  • Nominated for a SyFy Portal Genre Award for Best Episode/Television.

"Dirty Girls" (7.18) - Aired Apr. 15, 2003.  Directed by Michael Gershman.

Angel Episodes:
Note - Drew served as Executive Story Editor for all episodes in Season 5.

"Lineage" (5.07) - Aired Nov. 12, 2003.  Directed by Jefferson Kibbee.

"Damage" (5.11) - Aired Jan. 28, 2004. Co-written by Steve DeKnight and directed by Jefferson Kibbee.