A Short and Slightly True Unauthorized Autobiography of Drew Goddard

Drew Goddard first arrived on our planet sometime during the twentieth century in Los Alamos, New Mexico, the natural son, adopted son, or possibly the test tube baby of poor sharecroppers who, since sharecropping is not very profitable in the desert, moonlighted as rocket scientists. Young Drew was a precocious, curious child, which is probably what led him to imbibe the gallon of uranium that caused his cells to mutate and gave him incredible superpowers...oh, wait, that was the movie I was watching on the Sci Fi Channel last night.

Actually, we know nothing about Drew's childhood. At some point, young Drew may have turned to crime, a botched robbery or carjacking forcing him to flee Los Alamos to pursue higher education in Colorado - that, or a misguided belief that to pursue higher education one must move to a higher altitude. We don't know how smart Drew is, so either scenario is likely.

After graduating, Drew moved to Los Angeles to try his luck at screenwriting, probably mooching off of friends with real jobs and sleeping on their couches. Luckily for him, just at the point that his fifth roommate was about to finally throw him out, Drew's hobby of collecting incriminating photographs of television producers paid off, and Joss Whedon gave him a job as the newest Buffy staff writer. What is in the future for Drew? Only time can tell, but if previous Buffy staff writers are any indication we know one thing for sure - that future won't involve wearing pants.

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