5.19.03 - Updated the Minion list. Updated the News section. Changed the Episode section to take out the links to reviews - with the end of Buffy, many of the links were outdated. I do plan to link to reviews again for Drew's Angel episodes next season.

4.27.03 - Updated the Minion list with two new VIP Minions. Split the Photo Gallery into two sections; one section has photos of Drew with the Minions, the other has photos of Drew alone. Added the .wav file greeting from Drew to the front page.

4.25.03 - Updated the Minion list through #520. Added a new photo to the Gallery.

4.23.03 - Updated the News and FAQ sections.

3.26.03 - Updated the Minion list through #485. Updated the News and Episode pages to reflect the fact that "Lies My Parents Told Me" has aired. Look for an interview with Drew to appear on the site soon.

3.17.03 - Updated the Minion list through #475. Added a new friend to the Links page. Remember that Drew's next episode airs one week from tomorrow on UPN - first up is a rerun of Drew's second episode, "Conversations with Dead People." I'll add the airdate for Drew's fifth episode, #18, as soon as I can get it confirmed.

3.9.03 - Updated the Minion list through #466, including our first gestalt Minion. Added a link to a Jane Espenson interview in the News section. This will probably be the last update until Sunday the 16th (barring the occurrence of something of earth-shattering importance) as I am spending the week volunteering for the South by Southwest Music, Film and Interactive Festival.

3.6.03 - Added upcoming episode airdates to the News section and added three new pictures to the Gallery.

3.3.03 - Updated the Minion list through #459. Finally got the last three posting session archives up in the Gospel section.

3.2.03 - Fixed a couple of broken links on the Minions list. The last three archived posting sessions should be added to the Gospel section tomorrow. For those wondering about the Drew worship contest he posted about on the Beta a while back, I expect to get details on it this week and will post them as soon as that happens.

3.1.03 - Added content to the photo gallery and download sections of the site. More photos will be added throughout the week.

2.27.03 – Added new Minions through #456; launched new layout.  Photo galleries and downloads are coming soon – those will probably be done by Sunday.