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Drew's next episode will be episode 18. The airdate has not yet been set.

Tales of the Vampires, Vol. 3, the Dark Horse comic featuring stories by Drew, Joss Whedon, and Jane Espenson, is now in stores. For more on the comic, go to Comics Continuum. For a list of retailers that stock Dark Horse, go to the Dark Horse comics site. Tales of the Vampires, Vol. 1, which features stories from Drew and Joss, is also available.

The Region 4 DVDs for Buffy Season 7 (Australia) will be released on April 14, 2004, according to EzyDVD, and Region 2 will be available in Great Britain on April 5, 2004, according to . Other Region release dates have not yet been announced. The DVDs will contain commentaries from Drew on "Conversations with Dead People" and "Lies My Parents Told Me"; "Selfless" and "Dirty Girls" commentaries are also rumored to be included. Thanks to Whedonesque for the news.

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Although last year was the last PBP, there's still an opportunity in February for Whedonverse fans to gather and raise money for charity while having a good time. Allyson of is one of the organizers of the Wolfram & Hart Annual Revue, to be held Feb. 21, 2004, at the Crown Plaza Hotel in L.A. Your erstwhile webmistress and Minion Queen, Dachelle, will be volunteering at the event. Registration is currently taking place. For more details, see .

Drew wrote the intro for the recently released book Seven Seasons of Buffy: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Television Show, published by BenBella. To order direct from BenBella, click here. To order from Amazon, click .

Tara DiLullo, aka Minion TaraDi, gave me the link to CoA's report on the Angel writers' panel at the San Diego Comic Con on July 19. There are some Drew quotes, and audio of Danny Strong's question to Drew. Drew has also been added to the rotation of VIP greetings on the front page.
Go to read the report.

Joss Whedon named "Conversations with Dead People" (co-written by Jane Espenson) as one of his ten favorite Buffy episodes in an interview with USA Today. Joss said, "I'm very fond of 'Conversations With Dead People.' I just thought structurally and tonally it was very interesting and had a lot to say. And I got to write another song." You can read the entire list here.

Wire Image has photos up from the Buffy wrap party on Apr. 18, including some photos of Drew.


The Dreamwatch issue with Minion TaraDi's interview with Drew is now available in the U.S. It's Issue 112, February 2004, and it has a picture of Richard Dean Anderson on the cover. I found my copy at Barnes & Noble; Borders also carries Dreamwatch. Be warned that the article does contain a casting spoiler for Episode 11.

City of Angel has an interview with David Fury in which he discusses co-writing and directing  "Lies My Parents Told Me," among other things.

IGN has an interview up with Eliza Dushku (Faith) in which she mentions Drew. Be warned that the article contains Buffy finale spoilers if you have not seen it.

Drew was a guest on , an online radio program devoted to talk of Buffy and Angel, on Apr. 30. I am currently working on making a transcript of the show. To download the show in mp3 or Windows Media, visit

Star Wars Insider Magazine recently interviewed several members of the Buffy staff about Star Wars references on the show. To read excerpts from Drew's interview, click here.

The Official Buffy Magazine did a piece on the making of "Selfless." Drew's quotes are here.

Minion #322, TaraDi, wrote a great report on the 2003 Posting Board Party for the City of Angel website that mentions Drew and the Minions. Check it out! TaraDi also conducted an interview with Jane Espenson that includes a couple of quotes about the writing of "Conversations with Dead People." To read, click here.