"As long as you keep moving, the zombies can't get you."

- Our Leader at the Bronze:Beta, Dec. 5, 2002

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Writer/Director Links

- A website developed by Minion Ceili devoted to exploring the myth and the magic of Joss assistant and sometime ME writer Diego Guittierez.

- It's always nice when an entertainment industry type like Steve DeKnight admits to an embarrassing problem like having flying butt monkeys, but who would have imagined that said industry type would go so far as to have a web page devoted to them? We as a society have come so far - or have we sunk so low? That, mis amigos, is for history to decide.

Devoted to Drew - A fan club for the other Mutant Enemy staffer named Drew: Drew Greenberg.

Fury's Fanatics - A site for fans of writer David Fury, who lists Our Own Dear Leader as one of his legion of Fanatics.

Gershman's Groupies - Fan club for Michael Gershman, who directed "Dirty Girls."

Jane's Junkies - Fan site for Jane Espenson, who co-wrote "Conversations with Dead People" with Drew.

- Who can argue with that statement? If you're visiting this website, you're probably aware the Joss in the title refers to Joss Whedon, the man responsible for Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Drew's paycheck.

Merely Amazing - Minion tralf, who is rapidly becoming Queen of the ME Writer Websites, set up this much-deserved tribute for Angel writer Mere Smith.

The Petriettes - Dedicated to Doug Petrie, and run by one of Ultimate Drew's Minions, . I've been meaning to talk to her about this whole divided loyalties thing.

Actor Links

Emma Caulfield Central - An excellent site devoted to the actress who portrays Anya on Buffy; the webmaster has been kind enough to give a link to the Minions.

- A place to discuss the actor who plays Spike.

Character Links

- Discussion board with a focus on the character of Spike.

Defenders of Spike - Yet another marvelous web page developed by a Minion, this one belonging to much-beloved Minion #3, halfrek. Includes some great essays on the character and some yummy photos of The Blonde One himself. Check out the link for the Give James an Emmy Foundation, too.

Everyone's Got Issues: The Holden Fanlisting - Web site designed by Dachelle and devoted to the character of Holden Webster from "Conversations with Dead People."

- Great site devoted to the Angel character that also provides a link to the Minions.

Miss Kitty Fantastico for the Next Big Bad - Devoted to exposing the evil schemes of Willow and Tara's cat.

General Buffy and Angel Links

- Where the Minion craziness began.

Buffy Cross and Stake - Home of the famed Cross and Stake Spoiler Board.

Buffy Guide - A great general resource for all things BtVS, including episode summaries and air dates.

City of Angel - Massive website with pretty much all the info you need to know about the dark brooding one and his team of demon hunters.

Hellmouth Central - Home of the Hellmouth Central message board and several Buffy and Angel goodies.

Slayage - Buffy, Angel and Firefly news, updated daily.

- Contains Buffy and Angel recaps and forums for snarky discussion of the shows.

The Dirty Minded Bronzer Birds Club - Another web site run by Dachelle. Enter the smut at your own risk.

- Internet radio show that airs every Wednesday devoted to talk of Buffy and Angel, and to Kitty Torture!


Excerpt from Kavalier and Clay - Drew says this is one of the best books he's read, even though it apparently doesn't feature monkeys doing their taxes. Well, I guess you can't have everything.

- Contains the Bronze Hottie Polls, the Fifths list, PBP pics, and Common Rotation pics, among other goodies. Tamz, the wonderful person who runs the site, was kind enough to provide a link to the Minions, so we're happy to return the favor.

Los Alamos, New Mexico - Drew's hometown.

The Distillers - In the words of Drew, the latest Distillers album is "awesome" and combines his two favorite things in the world, "girls and punk rock." I haven't heard their album myself, but the splash page for their website uses a cool typeface. And it's purple. I like purple.

Who is Dachelle and Why Isn't She Famous? - A site about me, me, me!

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