The Dirty-Minded Bronzer Birds Club
Think inside the sock.

Things that make us go drool...

"You should see him naked.  I mean, really." - Buffybot, "Intervention"

Welcome to the home of the DMBBC, where perversity is celebrated, double entendre is a way of life, and socks aren't just things to keep your feet warm.

What is the Dirty Minded Bronzer Birds Club?

The club's name is pretty self-explanatory, really; we're a group of ladies (plus one sufficiently dirty-minded male) who frequent the discussion board and often drag it into the gutter with our speculations about cast members in various states of undress. 

How did the DMBBC come about?

Watcher's Pet founded the DMBBC after lengthy discussions about James Marsters's sock arose on the Beta, mostly sparked by Oblivia (and yes, that pun was intended).  Membership initially consisted of those involved in that discussion; other pornographically-minded individuals came on board later.

Is Sarah Michelle Gellar really a member of the DMBBC?

Yes, although she is not aware of that fact to the best of our knowledge!  Dachelle suggested that SMG be made an honorary VIP member after a Late Night with Conan O'Brien appearance where she talked at length about breasts and Internet porn.  Watcher's Pet agreed and gave her a membership for holding her own against both Conan and Howard Stern.  We're sure Sarah would be proud of this accomplishment...proud, or possibly frightened and dismayed.

What do I have to do to join the DMBBC?  Are there any special requirements?

Not really...just have a dirty mind, come up with a title, and post to Watcher's Pet saying you'd like to join up.  That's it.

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This site is continually under construction. So, DMBBCers, feel free to contribute links, pics, fanfic, encounters with the objects of our affections, favorite steamy BtVS and Angel's your site, I just maintain it! with anything you want on the site.

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