"I should BE so lucky to be Drew Goddard!  I WISH!!  All those Minions!  And the talent thing, too, of course..."

- Drew Z. Greenberg at the Bronze: Beta, Dec. 17, 2002

Worship Center for Angel Writer Drew Goddard

Hello, and welcome to the home of the Minions of Ultimate Drew! The Minions are devoted to the praise, flattery, and general worship of Drew Goddard, known to the staff at Buffy and Angel as "Ultimate Drew" to distinguish him from lesser mortals who also bear that name.

The club started after Our Leader made his first post at the Molly and Dachelle, realizing the greatness among them, humbly applied to be Drew's groupies, and he benevolently acquiesced. Dachelle decided that Drew needed more followers, and so she, with Molly's agreement, started this club and the website. Minion #3, halfrek, suggested the name, and the club continues to grow as more and more Buffy and Angel fans across the Internet realize that Ultimate Drew is indeed a Goddard among men.

Please visit our links to learn more about He to Whom We Pledge Our Devotion, and when you have finished being brainwashed reading join up!  We have an infinite number of shiny new Minion numbers and standard orange robes just waiting to be filled...

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