The Secret Handshake

"We have a secret handshake now. Make sure you learn it. If you need to, practice on a mannequin or a small, unassuming man. Or a priest of some sort."

- Our Leader at the Bronze:Beta, Sept. 24, 2002

On Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2002, Our Most Gracious and Fantabulous Leader came up with an ingenious method of identifying fellow Minions: the secret handshake.  Memorize and practice the secret handshake, for it may save your life one day.

Here are the instructions, in the words of Ultimate Drew himself:

I’ve been thinking about it – I think we need a Minion handshake. And it should be secret, but that’ll be hard to do with everyone here watching us. Okay, so everyone who’s not a Minion stop reading right now.

You know that part in Sixteen Candles where Anthony Michael Hall goes to shake his friend’s hand and then just runs his hand through his hair instead? That could be our Minion handshake. When we see each other we’ll do that. And then we’ll smirk and look around like we’re better than everyone.